Midi program change issue

Hi, I’m new to Cubase (version6) and I am trying to import a generic midi track - my only way of getting music from my old non-steinberg system into cubase.

The track imports fine and through the device manager I can set up my keyboard so that the various programme (sounds) are recognised are OK.

The problem comes when the track starts to play, Cubase seems to reset my keyboard to programme 0, despite what I set in the programme field of the track. As soon as it has started, I can change it to the correct programme on the track field but I can’t understand why cubase resets the keyboard to zero every time. It must be sending this programme control as part of the track.

Is there any way to find out what is going on and diagnose (look for any control codes that may be somehow embedded in the track).


There’s probably a Program Change embedded in the MIDI files you’re trying to import. You can use the List Editor to find these and delete them, but depending on your Cubase version, you may have the Logical Editor or Logical Presets (MIDI->Logical Presets->standard set 2->del patch changes).

Thanks, I am on version 6. I will have a look later and see if I can work out how to find this view and make edits.

… yes, but is it Elements, Artist or “full”? If you put your basic details in your signature (at least Cubase version and OS), it will be easier for people to provide useful answers. Go to User Control Panel > Profile > Edit Signature.

Thanks, your solution worked. And thanks for the advice on the signature, now updated. My next task will be to create a new Drum map on cubase as the Korg does not follow general midi expectations - it looks pretty simple.

There’s a useful article from Sound On Sound on creating drum maps here.