Midi Program change messages please!

hi all,

I want to run some external midi hardware from my ipad and as I hope to do this live it would be really useful to automate the patch changes. I read in an earlier post that Cubasis doesn’t have program change as yet but does anyone know of a work around?



Maybe I was a bit naive…

Been with Cubase since way back in the Atari ST days and watched it develop through many stages into today’s Cubase 7.
Cubasis on iPad sounds like a great solution in replacing my keyboard and it’s onboard sequencer on stage.
So, imagine the shock and horror when you find out that it can’t (hopefully only, as yet) produce sys exc and program/bank change messages (tempo and time signature changes are another glaring omission).
Wow, something that I can do on an Atari ST from the late 80’s isn’t available on today’s latest tech. I would have thought if you can achieve unlimited audio tracks (until your iPad melts down) then basic midi implementation would have been easy. As I say, maybe I was a bit naive thinking this feature would be standard.

So, I’m still not buying this app as yet. I don’t want the world for £35 but I do want something I can use without tearing my hair out…

Come on Steinberg, get this feature to the top of your list and get a 1.11 released ASAP cos I really want to buy this app.



Amen brother. I am in the same boat but unfortunately I already purchased the app assuming that basic MIDI technology from 20 years ago wouldn’t even be an issue. I am begging for an update and it must include sending and receiveing sysex messages on track recordings, not just patch dumps. Just curious does the latest form of Cubase for regular computers support doing all of this Midi stuff I am requesting? Oh well back to my standalone Kawai Q-80 sequencer with floppy discs.

HI All,

Like you Stevo I’ve been loyal to Cubase for years! So lets hope that The Steinberg team reads this board because it does seem an oversight that Cubasis doesn’t have full Midi! My ipad4 loaded with a version of Cubase with the above connected to a great sounding interface might well be the solution that I have been looking for. SO COME ON STEINBERG MAKE IT SO!!! There I can stop shouting now! :smiley: