midi program change

Is it possible to have midi program change info received by cubase to change to position along the timeline.

Have a project with a band using backing tracks (50 + songs). Each song has a marker. I want to use the scenes on the console (which transmit midi control changes) to select the songs as per the set list.

Thanks in advance,


Aloha R,

Your is a very creative and interesting approach for using the MIDI protocol.
As ‘MIDIot’ I am not sure how you would achieve this outcome.

This seems like more of a job for the SMPTE time code protocol.

Used on Broadway or in big Las Vegas shows or
‘Disney on Parade’ ice shows, major film shoots etc.

Good luck!

I don’t have time code capability so midi cc would be my best option.
Always push the boundaries!

You can move/insert/delete/modify Program Change and Control Change messages in List Editor.

In your case I would add a MIDI track into your project for console control, add one short MIDI part at the beginning of each song into this track and insert required control messages into these parts.