Midi program change

Is there a way to apply a prg change number to a song, so that it gets selected on incoming midi prg change messages?
And secondly, is there an option to start a track automatically when a song or part is selected?

Yes, Devices/Actions/Select Song.

If a Part has a trigger time set and you click the “Play” button in that Part, it will start to play immediately, given transport is stopped and that Part is a Part of the current Song.

Thank you for the info.
Select part seems to work, select songs however I can not get to work. It does not do anything. I can only step through the parts, which is not what I would like to do. And I can not find much in the manual about that.
It would be nice to have a proper manual/tutorial.

That’s correct, it pre-selects a song for a “Select Song Part” action which is expected to follow.
For instance, with Bank Select MSB you would set the Song (index) to be pre-selected for the following Bank Select LSB which selects the Part of that Song (“Select Song Part”).
There is also Next Song and Previous Song now.

Ok, got it.
Thank you

I’m still not having any luck. Midi info is coming from the iPad. I’ll place the info on the other post.