Midi Programming in Dorico -- Issues and suggestions

I know I’ve brought up some of these issue before, but I thought it might be nice to bring them up again, and see what current/future solutions there might be for them.

The essential issue is that although Dorico has a piano roll, some aspects of the way Dorico’s automatic playback works counteracts what one does there. The secondary issue is that I don’t wish to turn off Dorico’s automatic playback entirely, rather I would much prefer to edit small fragments where I think it’s necessary and let Dorico handle the rest.

As for the first one, I’m sure the development team is well aware that when you add automation for a given CC, where the playback/volume is also set to control that CC, Dorico then “takes over” from whatever automation you have programmed for that moment. To get around this I’ve been having to write Kontakt MultiScripts that switch the CC routing, so I can turn off Dorico’s default in favor of my own–really long winded solution. If possible it would be nice for Dorico to detect where User Automation has been added, and shut off it’s own for those segments.

The second issue has more to do with how one uses Dorico. My absolute dream would be to have a “render automation feature” (perhaps this could even be scripted as a plug-in once that’s available), or like the velocity lane, have a “greyed out” version of the projected automation, so that what Dorico suggests for CC values (as defined by all of its playback variables) can be easily noticed and tweaked by the user.

Along these lines I am so in love with Dorico. I keep recommending it incessantly to everyone I work with–keep it up!

Paul does plan to make it such that the automation lanes will show the data that Dorico is producing automatically so that you can more effectively override it in sections and see what effect that has. It will probably not make it into the next release (though it’s not impossible), but it’s more likely for the following one.

There are however some things in the next release which will give you an extra degree of control over what you currently have…

That sounds brilliant! Very excited!!

Thank you so much as always.

Another small request would be a *disable CC 7 and/or CC 10 from mix window checkbox. At times I’d like to take control of these lanes in the piano roll, but always have to fight Dorico for it. (For now I’ve been having to filter out and reroute them for my own use)