MIDI quantize help please - 1/16 before the grid possible?

Hi - I’ve never used quantize before, so I just read the 7.5 manual about it.

I have a rhythmic MIDI beat on the piano that I would like to be “early” by a certain amount relative to the grid - I’m not sure yet the amounts, but it will be about a little tighter than a 16th or so before every eighth note.

Is there a way to have Cubase quantize a bunch of chords so they all wind up a certain amount before every eighth note? I was thinking if not, I could just quantize them to the grid and then shift, so no biggie either way …



No, you can’t set this for all MIDI Notes.

You have two options:

  1. Quantize first, then select all Notes, and shift them at once.
  2. Quantize all Notes, and use Track Delay (in the Inspector > Track Name), to shift the whole track.

I would recommend the 2nd one.

Thank you, Martin!

… or use the Logical Editor, if you want the changes to be permanent :wink:.