Midi Quantize Length

Hi all.

I recorded some music with a keyboard and imported the midi into Cubase 7.

Some of the notes are short or longer than the should be.

There is a “Quantize length” button.
With the button set to 1/16, I click it and… nothing happens.

I get quantize to get the “beginnings” or the notes to line up on the beat.

Can anyone provide detailed instructions on how to the “ends” of the notes to line up on the beat?



From the manual:

Quantizing MIDI Event Ends
The “Quantize MIDI Event Ends” function on the Edit menu, Advanced Quantize submenu, moves the ends of your MIDI notes to the nearest grid positions, taking the Quantize pop-up menu setting into account.

I recommend checking the manual because cubase offers quite a bit in terms of quantizing

Did you have the notes selected when you pushed the button?