Midi, Quantize, Sync and Latency

Hi there folks

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out something related with sync, latency, MIDI and audio record, I’d aprecciate any help.

  • I recorded a MIDI track from My Nord Stage 3 Midi Out.
  • Than I quantize it.
  • Once quantized and corrected anything wrong now I will record the audio of Nord Stage 3 from this MIDI file that goes in to MIDI IN.
  • The recorded file goes slightly out of sync. (No plugin inserted on the channel).
  • I record again, and again sligtht out sync, but in a different place, sometimes a little bit forward or backward. Never falls in the same place with the transient begging as I quantized on the MIDI file.
  • Asio Latency is very low, IN 1.497 OUT 1.661 ms (WITH NO ASIO GUARD)

What can I do the record an external keyboard from a MIDI file and it goes tight on the grid as on MIDI?
I’ve tried to adjust record lateny shift, ASIO Compensation, but I couldn’t find any sweet spot with them.

My system is heavy, my computer is an i9, RME via Thunderbolt UFX+, window 10 2004, test was 192 khz with 256 buffer size (which is equal to 64 on 48hz)

I’m pretty sure this is the nature of some hardware synths. My Roland JP-8000 did the same thing. Was annoying as hell. You might need to do a couple of takes and comp each take until you get a desired reult.

Really?? Is that all? Is there anything I can do to solve or minimize it, but recording many track to see if I go luck in one?
Track delay, Asio Compensation, Record Latency Shift, anything?

If your synth is giving you different results each time it makes it very hard to compensate.

Uh, that’s a sad. But thank you anyway,at least now I know where the problem cames from.