Midi quantize to left only

Hi - I’m trying to find a way to select all notes in a region and have them snap to the downbeat of the measure they are in. So, like quantizing to 1/1, except all notes - even the ones on beat 4 in 4/4 will snap to beat 1 of their measure. Notes only move left, nothing moves right. I’d use this to turn an arpeggio that changes harmony every measure into a series of block chords. I have to believe there’s a way to do this in Logical Editor, Quantize Panel - or a combination. Currently on Cubase Pro 10.5, updating soon - thank you!


You can make a Macro of two MIDI Logical Editors.

  1. If MIDI Note starts in the range X.0.0.0 - X.3.0.0 > Quantize to 1/1.

  2. If MIDI Note starts in the range X.0.0.1-X.4.max.max > Nudge 1 Bar Left and Quantize to 1/1.

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