Midi Question: Send Midi Parameters to Mixer?

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Midi (yet) and need some insight on the subject.

Is it possible to send automated MIDI instructions to our Behringer XR18 mixer while playing our backing tracks? How can we trigger such an event?

The idea behind it:
We would like to use this to automate effect or channel settings in the mixer like mute/loudness/panorama/FX-Fader. Are there instructions or maybe a video tutorial available for this somewhere?

Many thanks for your help

Hi @Detgyver ,
Just create a new MIDI track, route to your OUT connected Behringer (I think via the USB cable port) and place the MIDI messages there.

First try it out just with some sample data to see what is happening :slight_smile:

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Hi @fkalmus ,

I have created an new Midi-Track and set the “out” to the Midi-Out2 of my Esi Midimate eX (USB to Midi) Interface that is connected to the Midi-In (and also to the Out) of the XR18. So far no Problem.

But I have no clue, how I can send the following Midi-Informations to the XR18 via the VST Midi-Track. I need to send this Informations at 60 Seconds-Runtime of the Song to open the Microphone.


Midi Befehl: CC Toggle
Channel 2
CC# 1 (This is the Channel for the Microphone on the XR18 Mixer)
Lit Value 127

This should do a simple toggle (on in this case) of channel 1 (Second Fader on the XR18)

Any help is very welcome!

Hi! Draw a content to the MIDI track with the pencil, then open it and fill with data

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Hi, I have created an entry, but when I click on it to open it, the bottom zone shows “No object selected” - I don’t want to enter midi-music-notes but the midi-data mentioned. What am I missing here?

Sorry! I already wrote, that I am not into Midi

Hi! U’re doing everithing right :slight_smile: that notification is about you havent created any event in it.

To make things easier: open MIDI List Editor (while keep selected the same MIDI track slice) and add CC’s there or grab pencil in the börtön MIDI editor, change to relevant CC (left hand side) and create entry via le cik like do in MIDI editor in any DAW

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Hi, I think I know what you need.
The Behringer XR18 can be controlled via 3 MIDI channels with cc commands.
Midi Ch1: Fader selection with a value “0 -127”.
Midi Ch2: channel mutes selection with a value “0” or “127”.
Midi Ch3: Pan selection with a value “0 -127”.

Draw a new MIDI event in the MIDI track of your mixing console.
The midi track must be activated. Exactly like your second picture shows.
Select the Midi even with a mouse click.
Now you will find the Midi List Editor under the “Edit” menu item. Open the Editor.
In the popup window you can create an action by pressing “+”.
I created a few actions that would control your mixer. They are all fired at once.

1 - Fader Ch.1 upper position
2 - Fader Ch.2 position in the middle
3 - Fader Ch.3 close to the lowest position
4 - Ch. 5 Mute
5 - Ch. 6 UnMute
7 - Ch. 1 Pan: left
8 - Ch. 2 Pan: center
9 - Ch. 3 Pan: right
If you want to switch the effects multiple times in a title, you can duplicate the events via copy-paste. You can drag the copied Midi event with the mouse to the place where you need it. Then simply adjust the cc data - done.
This saves a lot of time.

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Thanks for the detailed instructions. I will give it a try this evening. This all looks pretty cool.


Hello everyone,
I’m really sorry that I have to ask for your attention again.
I followed Raysor’s instructions (see film) and I noticed that the MIDI interface is not displayed in the title bar of the MIDI editor like in Raysor . I guess that’s why I can’t create midi events here. The interface is displayed under Connections and I was able to assign it to the track. What else am I doing wrong?

I tested this with two USB-Midi Interfaces (I use one at Home for configuring the Setlist and one in the rehearsal room) I use this two:

Lekato LUM-01 USB Midi Interface [Link]
ESI Midimate eX USB Interface [Link]

But I am firmly convinced that I am still making an operating error here.



Hi @Detgyver ,

there is a small trick: to avoid, pull a full song length MIDI clip instead of a small area. But here is the trick. MIDI list editor’s “+” creates a new entry at timeline playhead. On the video timeline playhead is at the beginning, but there is no way to create MIDI event, as the track-clip is not present there. If you go right at the small MIDI-clip, select it to see below in editor and place the timeline-playhead at any position within the small MIDI-clip, it will insert a new event. Long story short, it won’t create MIDI event out of the “clip-container”.

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The Midi events work time-oriented. Your timeline cursor is at 0.0.
Your Midi event is far behind. Bring the timeline cursor into the area of ​​the Midi event or move the Midi event to the position of the cursor. Only then can you define an action in the event.

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Good Morning.
One step closer. So now I understand, one large event in the track is enough to hold multiple Midi-Events on different playback times inside the Song.
I could now create a Midi-Event and I inserted:
Channel 2 (mute)
Data1: CC#1 (Modulation - here is fader 2 on the XR18)
Data2: 0 (Mute on?)

But when I start the playback of the song nothing happens on the XR18.
I use the XR-Edit Software and I can see the Faders and the Mute-Buttons that dont change.

Hi @Detgyver , just for cross-check. Do you think you can feed VL from Behringer with the same signal reversed?

Check Activity via MIDI monitor, hit RECORD to record to MIDI track what is happening, inspect, look…. Try to catch something? :slight_smile:


ich habe viele (!) Videotutorials für den XR18 angeschaut und in den wenigen in denen Midi-Daten verschickt werden, werden diese immer zum XR18 geschickt. In die andere Richtig geht anscheinend nichts. Das geht auch aus dem Manual hervor.

Ok Ok,
I changed the USB Interfaces to the Lekato Interface and now the XR18 Receives Midi-Date. But I had to reenter all Midi-Data - it seems that the Interfaces can only “Read” the Midi-Data that was entered when THIS (Lenkato in this case) Interface is activated.

I created two Midi-Tracks (one for Channel-1 and one for Channel-2) to separate the different Commands and now it works nice.
I Think I now need the same Midi-Interface for my Homecomputer and for the laptop at the rehearsal Room to make the VSTLive File work propper at both locations without re-assignning the Midi-Interface in 40 Songs :wink:

Thnak you so much for you support!
I Think that opend the doot to midi for me!

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Hallo @Detgyver ,

Tabelle zeigt: RX/TX, bedeutet signal soll beide Receive und Transfer funkzionieren.

Hast du dass schon probiert ob etwas signal nach VL lauft?

Better to name an instance as e.g.: MIDI-CC-OUT , or just simply use e.g MIDI OUT 1, or 2 for this ourpose and just change phosical device behind (under Connections) depending your location AMD avaiable physical device.

The Behringer Manual for the XR18 does not describe how to send Midi.
I use the X Air Edit Software on Windows and there is also no “send Midi” functionality available.

But I have already found one disadvantage of the midi control. If you control a fader and set it to a value of 80, for example, and song playback ends in VSTLive, the fader jumps down (-60 db) and does not remain at the MIDI setting. That would then force us to have to control all the faders in every song, which is a huge effort.

Hi! I’m not sure but think, the -60dB is sent by next-song MIDI track or something like that. Thinking this because MIDI CC you send is just a single impulse and doesn’t leasts till end of the song (even not leasts a second). With other words: no change should happen until you send a different message… but I meight be wrong

That is not necessary anyway.
Ports in “Devices/Connections” consist of a user defined name, and the connected hardware Port. VST Live remembers up to 32 different assignments, so when you once save a project at Studio, open at Rehearsal and assign another hardware port, then save, from then on the port should find its hardware in both Studio and Rehearsal. These assignments are saved with the project file.