Midi question!

Hi! Not sure how to explain this in English, but ill try.

When i have a midi track with chords and want to make a melody with another midi track. Is there any way for me to see the chord track “underneath” the track i am drawing my melody on?

Ive tried selecting both midi tracks, and this almost works. I can see the chord track in grey, but when i hit a note that “belongs” to the midi track with chords it changes to that track.

Hope someone understands what i am looking for :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, it works the way, you described. You can select two MIDI parts and display them in the editor at once. Then, you can select, which MIDI part is an “active” one, where you want to write a notes. Once you click to the Note of any MIDI part, the “active” part changes to this part, where you clicked. To go back “melody” part, you can just click to any Note from the “melody” part. Or, you can use a Part selector from to tool bar.

On the left side beside the MIDI Part selector, you can find another one usefull tool: work in active part only (sorry I’m not sitting in front of Cubase now, I don’t know the exact term). This would be usefull for you.

To follow up on Martin’s post- Here’s the icon he is talking about.

Ahh! Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile: