Midi: real copy to shared copy

I found the way to convert a shared copy to real copy (fonction>convert to real copy), but is it possible to do the opposite (convert a real copy to shared copy)? That would avoid to delete copies and re-create them as shared copies…
Thanks in advance

Well, if you want to immediately change a converted shared>real copy back into a shared copy, just use Undo.
But otherwise (i.e. if you then perform other actions), how is Cubase supposed to know which Part it was supposed to be shared with? (Once it has become a real copy, the user is free to modify it, in which case it no longer matches the part with which it was initially shared :wink: )

Ok, I see the point. I was trying to select some untouched midi events and make them all shared copies. I guess Cubase can’t see if they are the same (and then say it’s OK) or if one is different (and then tell me it can’t be done).