Midi Real Time Input bugs

I’m finding this very buggy at the moment on Mac OS 10.12.6. After having no MIDI USB input I realised the only way is to get the orange Carat up on the desired clef then get rid of it. More serious is the fact I can’t record any realtime midi after changing clefs halfway through a piece, or after repeat marks. Anyone else found this?

I can record, regardless of clef changes.
Screenshot 10.png
When you say “having no MIDI USB input”, what do you mean? Do you mean your keyboard is not recognised?

Any reason you can’t put the clef changes in after you’ve recorded the music?

I’ve found that I can click right where I want things to start, I then record something, and then what I recorded shows up some 15-20 bars later (with empty bars in-between). Rather buggy, I’m afraid.

Having opened another new file, now I CAN record after clef / bar changes. Now though, like you, it’s not at the place I recorded - 2 bars late here…

I believe there is indeed a problem with recording after a repeat barline at the moment. I suggest you remove the repeat barline temporarily, and then you’ll find that the music goes in where you expect; it’s easy to add the repeat barline again afterwards.

benwiggy No MIDI input = no sound at all. Still happens sometimes, or sometimes my recording doesn’t show up. Kind of random over here…

I think you’re right. My buggy attempt had issues after a repeat bar line.