MIDI (real time) input using CME XKey 37

I have just bought a CME XKey 37 to use with Dorico (Dorico of 21 July 2022). I have a 2019 (Intel silicone) MacBook Pro running MaxOS 12.6 Monterey.
In Prefereces the “Interpret pitches relative to” is set to 60.

If I select both staves of the piano - in either real time - or not, input using the midi keyboard creates notation only in the treble staff. If I select the bass staff and input notes, only pitches in the bass staff appear - there seems to be no recognition of the pitches relative to 60 .

Please, has anyone got any clue as to what I might have done, or not done?
(The YouTube video by Anthony Hughes uses Dorico 2.2 so the Preferences panel looks different.

The screen shots show pictures of my Preferences.
Please - am I am I missing something simple?

Try choosing the first (measure) rest in each staff before starting to record.

Admittedly, I had difficulty finding this in the manual searching for “two-staff recording” and “two-stave recording.”

Lillie’s input instructions say to "Select a note or rest on the staff/instrument track into which you want to record notes, at the position from which you want to record," but I kind of read over that since it didn’t seem to specify recording on a grand staff, which may have been my lack of imagination.

It should be sufficient simply to select a note or rest in the right-hand staff before you start recording: Dorico will automatically interpret your input across both staves as needed.

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