MIDI Received but not transmited

Hi everybody,

I´d never got this problem working with Cubase. After some months not working with MIDI, now my Cubase 5.0.1 didn´t transmite the Midi information to the route I ask.
I have been revising and even I reseted all the parameters into his original form but I don’t fix it. It follows receiving MIDI info but not transmiting into the VST Instruments. Also I tried to find the answer in the manual and in other topics from the forum.

It´s not problem from my MIDI interface or instruments, in others DAW´s I can perform without problems.

Anybody had the same problem? Could someone help me?!

Best regards.

Is MIDI Thru checked in Prefs?

I pass through these stage a lot of times in my checks!
Thanks… and sorry, it was a beginers failure :wink: