Midi Record Latency Compensation

Hi all. Hope somebody can help. I’ve had a read through previous posts but none of the suggested fixes seem to be working, hopefully I’m missing something. When recording midi, we compensate for latency by intentionally playing early, which means when the midi is played back, the notes occur early (in theory by the number of milliseconds of latency). The “Asio Latency Compensation Active by Default” option in Preferences > Record > Record Midi should solve this issue by adjust the recorded midi timing post recording but my midi notes still occur early with this option enabled.

I know I’m probably missing something very simple but can somebody point me in the right direction please?

Thanks in advance.

wow I think it’s quite crazy no one has an answer! I really think people don’t have a clue…I think Cubase has issues no one will admit to.

I had similar problems with early midi notes when recording and the thing that solved it was to reset the midi ports. (In the Midi Port Setup in the device setup there is a Reset button.)