Midi record merge - bug or behavior?

I’ve been frustrated with the midi record merge behavior for some time. I don’t know if this is a bug or the expected behavior.

  1. record a midi part. (be sure you are in midi record merge mode)
  2. back up the start point so that you begin recording some notes over the first part you recorded and keep recording until you are a few bars past where the first part ends. Stop recording.
  3. the new notes will merge properly in the first part where they overlap. But at the point that the first part ends a new part is created containing the new notes instead of extending/continuing the first part you are trying to merge with.

Here’s the problem with this behavior: let’s say you have a midi edit window open and are playing and editing new notes with an existing track. normal stuff. You back up, restart, re-record, tweak notes, etc. The problem is you now have a whole bunch of adjacent but disconnected parts. You have to continually exit the edit window and switch to the paste tool and paste the adjacent parts together so that you can view all of your recorded midi notes in one window. The clunky workaround is to record your first part then stretch it all the way to the end of your song.

Is this the expected behavior? Does anyone else find this annoying? Or is this a bug? What am I missing?


Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but have you tried hitting the record-in-editor button in the top left of the key editor window? It’s next to the “s” button and should be red to be on.


If you want to extend the part, record into the editor, please.