midi record merge disaster

In cubase 8 and earlier midi recording worked like this:
When recording midi in project view: creates new part.
When recording in key editor (with key editor open) it would merge midi notes that were just recorded while the key editor window was open into that part.

Now in cubase 10 its always creating new midi parts when recording in key editor window.

I want it to work like it was cubase 8

Please someone help me out

also when I select “merge” and record in key editor, the notes appear only after I hit stop

more horror.
so when I select “merge” for midi recording, it doesnt record to the midi part thats open but merges to random midi part

deleted preferences and everything is working properly again.

surprised no on here recommend to do that.

but worse is that i was just with steinberg support on the phone and the guy told me this was a new feature, and said it behaved exactly the same on his system