Midi record modes don't work when the part is open in the project window

If I cycle record midi in cubase but keep the part open the settings I choose do not work. Can anyone explain if this is a problem or if it is something that needs to be set in the preferences? For example, in a cycled midi recording I have “overwrite” selected from “Midi record modes” which will allow my new take to erase all the other midi notes I recorded from the last cycle. This is helpful so that I don’t hear the last cycle while recording. However, if I have the part open, this feature does not work and I can hear the last take no matter what.


How do you hit the record, please? Do you click the Record button on the Transport Panel/Bar or do you use Key Command or do you use any Remote Device?

Where is the focus, when you record? Is it in the Project area or in the Editor Lower Zone, please?

Hi Martin. The focus was in the key editor which I have on a separate monitor. When I change the focus to my project window it does work but then the recorded midi doesn’t show in the key editor window while I am recording.

You asked me how I record and I use a shortcut to record not the transport button. Is this why the record mode was not working? I guess when you push record on the transport button the focus moves to the project window and shortcuts don’t do that right?


You are right. This is exactly how does it work.

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