MIDI record negative delay compensation

In one particular project I am all of a sudden having some sort of negative MIDI delay compensation. By this I mean that I am recording MIDI which sounds fine and in time as I’m playing/recording it and when I go to play it back, the notes are actually quite a bit out of position (a little less than 1/16 note early). I know that this is not due to my playing. I have opened up a blank project and inserted just the instrument I was using in the other project and recorded the same part and it comes out normal. This particular project, however, is not working correctly. I even deleted all the other instruments in the project to see if one of them was causing problems and kept only the instrument in question and the problem still persists. (The instrument in question is Battery, but I don’t think this is a Battery problem). So in other words, the two projects should in theory be exactly the same, but they are not, at least in regards to how they are handling MIDI. There is no track delay set for the track, and even if there were that wouldn’t explain why the notes actually appear in the wrong place in the editor.


This article could help.