MIDI record shifted off by 3 measures

The MIDI recording looks promising. However, it seems to miss by 3 measures.

In the example below, I selected the rest in the oboe part (second staff) at rehearsal mark B. I pressed the record button in the transport.

Dorico starting clicking the measure before B, which makes sense (one measure prep.) I played 4 measures of notes on the beat. Dorico quantized them fine, but placed them 3 measures to the right of where I played them.

Does this happen for you if you record before the first start repeat barline?

I think you are on the right track.

If I select the first measure (before any repeats), I get one measure of clicks, then the notes I enter after that are placed into measures 1,2,3 correctly.

Bars 5-8 are a simple repeat. If I select the rest in bar 5, I get click-in starting at measure 4 and the notes go into measure 5,6,7 as expected.

Measure 8 ends with a backwards repeat. If I click the rest in measure 9, the click-in starts in measure 7 (wrong) and the notes go into measure 12 (also wrong).

Hmm, this is something we’ll have to look at.

I think this should be easy to reproduce. If you aren’t able to reproduce it, I’ll be happy to send you my .dorico file.

And BTW, congratulations on a great release. I have never used MIDI recording much because it never worked very well on other products. I only tried it out of curiosity, as I was surprised to see it in this release. The very limited testing I did (ignoring the repeat shift thing) looks more promising than my earlier experiences with other products.

I have a couple of orchestra arrangements that I started in September, but are not due until the end of December. They needed the jazz articulations, so I have been procrastinating a little (with plenty of other work to do.) Today, I have been rewarded for my procrastination, as the jazz articulation are there. And I also love the ability to apply dynamics to many parts at once. I didn’t absolutely need the DS stuff for these charts, but I may go ahead and use them.

That’s a lesson for everyone. If you have an option to procrastinate, don’t pass it up. :laughing:

Was this file/flow created in Dorico or is it built upon a XML import?
I ask because I had the same problem with a XML imported file, but Dorico records correct in a flow created in Dorico.

Sorry. The bug is back.

For the benefit of those who haven’t seen the corresponding Facebook thread, there is a workaround for this where you can temporarily disable repeats in Playback Options (ctrl-shift-P / cmd-shift-P) > Repeats, which should allow you to record to the selected bar.

Thank you, Paul. I’m not on FB so I appreciate it.

Yes I saw it there also. Thanks!