Midi recorded slightly early (20 ticks)

I’d say both. :laughing:

Because Cubase doesn’t record Midi in sync with the Metronome? It’s a well proven fact, hence the “suggestion” to play at reduced latencies.

It’s well documented, yet people dismiss it.

Yea, I’d say I have a problem.

No it’s not system specific either, it’s Cubase specific.

Do you ever notice that audio records precisely as you’d expect, but Midi doesn’t?

Midi is recorded in realtime, thus it gets recorded earlier that the playback position. Realtime Midi is useful for monitoring what your playing but not for recording it.

IMHO that’s not a very accurate statement and neither is the last one (that it’s not system specific).
If this was a common problem you wouldn’t have to dig up two old threads to make a statement as this forum would be flooded with threads from outraged customers demanding a fix.

The question remains: Do you have a related problem, and if so, a description or a step by step that we can try to reproduce? (You know, like a bug report?)

okay guys sorry for coming off this way, but I think I should start a new thread (although it’s described in other ones) for this problem.