Midi Recording BUG

When I try to record Midi, there is a 4 measure delay in where I play something, and where it displays the recorded midi info. Sometimes, it places the recorded midi information 2 measures before I’ve played, and at the end of the segment, rather than where I m actually playing the notes.
For example, If I play something at measure 1, the information shows up, and plays back at measure 4. If I wait for 2 measures, and start recording at measure 2 and end at measure 4, midi information will show up at measures 7-8 and 1-2.
ALSO - While recording, I can see which notes are being held, as they show up as long black bars, until I release them, then it places the midi info in it’s place.

At first I thought it was recording nothing, as I would only record for a few seconds, see nothing, then try to figure out what was going on.
I used the template for Vocal Piano, and recorded from HALion Sonic. When I began to notice this problem, I decided to use one of my other VST plug-ins, but saw the same bug.
The drivers for my USB midi keyboard and Soundcard are up to date.
There are currently no new updates for Cubase that I saw. The last update I added was in February. Today is the first time I’ve seen the Midi recording act like this. I’ve owned Cubase 5 and 6, and have never seen anything like this.
Any ideas as to how to fix/resolve this issue?

So I’ve uninstalled Cubase 7.5 from my Programs list, rebooted, and reinstalled the program again.
I’m having the same issue. I’ve noticed that if the metronome is off, and I record, no Midi info gets recorded.
After I turn the metronome on, it starts recording midi info, but places the info on measures past where I’ve actually recorded. -After it’s been initialized, I can turn the metronome off, and it continues to record, but with the same delay.


Have you tried deleting the Cubase Preferences? Or starting in “Safe Start Mode?” If not, search the knowledge base for “Safe Start Mode”.