MIDI recording clash with Metronome


This is totally weird. I had my first session (just upgrading to 6.5 after leaving 4 in the dust a few years ago) last night. When using the metronome, either MIDI or audio, most of the time I can’t record MIDI properly.
It starts jerking around, as the timing of the notes is completely screwed up and it reflects on hardware MIDI unit.

Exemple… I was trying to record a really simple drum pattern. I used my Wavestation as controller and the sound was rendered by my classic Roland R8. The moment I would start the metronome, there was lag and unstable lag between each and every event and I had to stop as it was totally unusable.

It’s really hard to explain, it’s as if Cubase gets drunk and screws up the MIDI inputs (it’s an hypothesis).

Then, after f’ing around for an hour and a half, it worked… then I shut down all my gear and played a game because I was turned off and pissed off!

Any ideas will be appreciated!




Do you use Windows? If yes, try to check this Knowledge Base.

I have an Roland Octa-Capture usb controller and this happened to me after changed the usb ports. The solution in my case was to reinstall the driver although later I found it happening (after using WMP) but a quick un/replug of the unit fixed it.
In fact I’ll have to have a look at that article Martin points to (thanks) to see if I can stop WMP from hogging the O-C unit.

I’ll take a look.


I was at work when I saw your link…
Since I’ve been using Cubase for a long time, and had weird MIDI issues, I remember to always select the timestamp…
And it is one of the first things I did when I installed 6.5, but it seems I went too fast and had not clicked both Windows and DirectX timestamping.

And it so happenes I had not selected the DirectX one which also happens to be the drivers to my Midisport 4X4 which so happens is connected to my pile of synths… :open_mouth:

Thanks for the link, it forced to double check something I had done.

Seems to have fixed the issue.