MIDI recording early in LE

I’ve scanned every post in this forum and can find nothing that seems related, so here goes. I’m a little embarassed to say I have Cubase LE1.0.10 Build #110 (it’s what came with my interface) running in Win XP Pro. I have an M-Audio Keystation USB Keyboard. It plays great in realtime. But when I record, the MIDI notes record earlier than where I play them. For example: I play a note on the 1st beat of measure #2, and the note is recorded on the 3rd or 4th beat of measure #1. Of course I can easily select the sequence and drag it to where it belongs, but…there must be a better solution.

(BTW I’m saving my $$ for Cubase 6!)

Look up Emulated MIDI Ports in the manual and Knowledge Base. LE1.0.10 didn’t have Use System Timestamp, did it?

LE1.0.8 doesn’t so I wouldn’t expect 1.0.10.

Are you sure the issue isn’t high audio latency playing the notes after you’ve pressed them? What audio interface are you using??

I’m not experiencing any latency in any other areas but maybe that’s what’s causing it. The interface is an EMU 0202 with an ASIO driver.

Couldn’t find any references to Emulated MIDI Port in either the manual or Knowledge Base. Also nothing in the manual on Use System Timestamp. Am I just out of luck with this version?

Try MIDI Port Filter.