MIDI Recording Early (sudden issue)

Apparently this issue has been going around with Cubase for something like 6 years with no resolution (some users even hoping than an upgrade to 6 would fix it), so I know I’m not just crazy.

In short, I suddenly noticed tonight that when recording a MIDI track with a VSTi, via USB on my M-Audio Axiom 61, the notes are consistently EARLY in the piano roll. My timing is quite good, especially when I just hammer at whole notes to match the metronome. Simply nudging the notes forward in time to start the first note right on the grid fixes them all (nudge, mind you – NOT quantizing).

  • I am NOT recording with auto quantize or any such setting.
  • This suddenly started happening. I did not experience this issue before this week.
  • The only change to my system in 6+ months was a Windows Update (Win7) earlier this week (culprit?).
  • The “timestamp” settings in Device > MIDI have no affect on anything.

Again, I read through no less than 10 threads on this issue spanning the years with no resolution save for macros to nudge the MIDI recording forward by X offset, so I’m not sure what this thread will yield but just wanted to get some fresh input.

I don’t think “re-install Cubase” or “reinstall Windows” are valid solutions to my problem. I’m knee-deep in a production project and don’t think I should have to do something so drastic every time a minor (though productivity-killing) issue arises.

Thanks all!

Emulated Ports

Thanks MashedMitten – Any additional info before I hit Google?


OK I looked into the emulated port issue suggested. None of the ports listed in my MIDI setup panel are of the “Emulated” type, but I went to Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 5\midi port enabled and moved the ignoreportfilter file up a folder as directed anyway.

I started Cubase back up and naturally now see all of the emulated ports in the MIDI setup, none of which were selected or ever being used. I hid all of the unused emulated ports and still have the exact same issue.

Something worth noting is that there are two instances of my Axiom 61 in the MIDI set up panel, named “Axiom 61” and “2 - Axiom 61”. One of them is DirectMusic, the other Windows MIDI. Neither are emulated, but DirectMusic gives me less latency (32nd note or so early) than Windows MIDI (16th or more early). Again, selecting system timestamp for either does nothing.

I noticed earlier this week that my MIDI recordings had double notes, because I typically use “All MIDI Inputs” and this second mysterious instance of my controller appeared. That was around the same time that I started noticing the early notes.

Is there a way to uninstall MIDI ports entirely? I’d like to remove all of them, remove the driver for my controller and re-install it. It seems like for whatever reason the controller driver was re-installed without my knowing, showing this second Windows MIDI instance.


You need to move the enableemulated file for your version of Cubase. Two instances are normal, key is to make sure All MIDI Inputs is only checked for the 1st or just use the specific port.

It’s confirmed by many users but not SB.

Midi records early and doesn’t account for PDC or Buffer settings latency.