Midi recording from FLstudio VSTi track

How do I route midi edited in FL piano roll to a Cubase track while FL is running as a VSTi plugin in Cubase. See picture below.

I also posted this to the image-line forum as well: https://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=240838.

I’ve followed their instructions in their reply, but midi still isn’t being printed onto the Cubase FLstudio vsti track from the plugin.


Sorry, I’m not member of FL forum, so I can’t read the answers…

It’s uncommon you would be able to route the signal from a VSTi to the track. There would need to be some kind of virtual MIDI cable. And even then, I can’t imagine it, it would be quire risky, in most of cases, you would probably make a MIDI feedback loop.

Can you just drag and drop the MIDI data to the project window? Lots of VSTis allow this.

Can you route the MIDI signal out from FL Studio to other MIDI Track in Cubase?

Wouldn’t it be easier to write the MIDI part in Cubase and let FL Studio just to process it?