Midi Recording - How do you auto merge?

I’m trying to force myself to cubase for the first time and it’s been great for the most part.

However, I can’t find a way to record midi data without having to constantly use the glue tool.

I dont want to record a bunch of parts. I just want to hit record and keep adding notes to the current track (or part - or whatever)

I can’t find any way to do this, and setting midi merge in the transport window almost does this, but still creates a new part if i record past the mandated boundary if the previous part.

Please tell me there is an easy way to just do this. In protools it’s pretty much the default setting and haveing to glue parts every 10 seconds is a big time / focus suck.

thanks in advance for your help!

So it seems like the midi editor window needs to have focus in order for this method to work? is that the trick?

if so, is there a way to avoid this required step as well?

Hey there. To do that, you need to change the MIDI record mode.

To use the menus: Transport>>MIDI Record Mode>>Merge

The way I do it is with a shortcut so I can quickly switch between the different modes. If you want to do that, you can go to Key Commands and create one yourself. The command is called “MIDI Record Mode”.

Also, I always have the second transport open (shortcut is F2) so that I can see which record modes I have active.

Hope that helps you out!