Midi Recording Improvement Request for Short Sounding Instruments


For certain instruments, playing them live sounds different from the midi recording that takes place. The midi data does show correct length of the notes however when you play the recording they do not sound for the length of the notes for certain instruments.

How to reproduce the issue:

  1. Select the instrument Halion Sonic 6 “Spicatto Soloists”
  2. Select Chord Pads and play a few chords for an extended period of time say 3-5 seconds.
  3. Notice that the sound comes for as long as you press the chord, say 3 seconds continuous each chord.
  4. Now start recording (with R and W automation on). The notes are recorded for the length of play.
  5. Play back the recording and notice that the notes sound for a very short duration say 0.5 seconds each chord instead of the 3 seconds (whatever duration they were played for) chord play during live playing.

If the chords can sound one way for such instruments while live-play they should be record-able to sound the same.

There is a possibility that such recording is possible and I am not aware of it and therefore I did post this question in General forum before rasing a feature request. Thank you.