MIDI Recording Mode

OK so — I don’t remember it being this way, but all of sudden if I record MIDI inside of an opened part, it will only MERGE if that is set via MIDI recording preferences. So if I want NEW parts in arrange mode, but MERGE inside an opened part, I have to constantly toggle these settings. Surely if I open a part to record inside of, I want it to MERGE. Regardless of any global settings.

Hi everyone,

after recently updating to 9.5.30 from version 9 I noticed an odd behaviour when editing MIDI data in editors: I have to re-enable Record in Editor for every recording, otherwise a new part in sequencer is created instead of recording into the editor. It is the same with Soloing the editor: after choosing a different MIDI event in sequencer it is displayed in editor, but the solo playback still returns the previous MIDI event, so that I have to disable and re-enable Solo for it to work correctly.

So, basically the functionality was that if I want to record directly into editor I just had to press Record in Editor, click the editor window to make it active and it worked. If I wanted to record into another MIDI event, I’d simply click on it in the sequencer, click on the editor window again and record with no problem. Now however I also have to re-enable Record in Editor (the same with Solo) for it to record the data into the editor, otherwise it records into the sequencer by creating a new MIDI event.

Never had this issue in any previous Cubase version, only after update to 9.5, and it does become very tedious after a while as it adds extra steps to the workflow, especially when working with multiple orchestral instruments.

Has anyone encountered the same issue?

macOS 10.12.6, Cubase 9.5.30

I have the exact same problem since updating to 9.5 from 9. Have already posted it under Issues. Let’s hope they fix it. Interestingly, didn’t have this problem in earlier Cubase versions prior to 9.5.

Thanks for confirming…

I don’t know what’s going on- here on my system, it works in the desired way, but I’m on Windows, and you guys are on Mac OS.

(I’ve gone ahead and merged the two threads. )

+1 same issue here on Windows 7. I’d like an option in the preferences to enable “record in editor” to be on permanently

This is driving me crazy… Open the piano roll, hit record, play some some notes, and I expect what I just performed to show up, but it won’t until I turn off record (*). It worked just fine before.

Please fix this Steinberg!