MIDI recording omits last note

Is it just. me? I record a short phrase and usually the final note does not appear in the score.

Are there more bars in your score after the final note? MIDI recording doesn’t add bars, and if you release the final note slightly after the last bar, then it might not show up.

No, I’m recording in the middle of the score. If I hold the final note a bit longer than normal so it extends into the subsequent bar then the last note appears as expected.

This isn’t something that other users have reported. Are you playing the last note and then immediately stopping recording? If you’re not playing anything, it should be safe to let recording run on for a moment longer, as when the music is notated, it won’t overwrite anything in the areas where you weren’t playing anything.

Probably. I’m in the Sibelius habit of hitting the spacebar immediately so the passage doesn’t squash subsequent notation. I love Dorico and I’m sorry to keep being picky about things I find. Gradually adapting my composing habits. Not used to being treated so kindly :heart: