Midi recording on screen

Pease Help thanks
You know how most vsts have an on screen keyboard that u can play with your mouse?
Or Addictive drummer has drum peices u can play by clicking them…

Well, cubase wont record them. It will still sound but not record. My midi controller does, but sometimes i just want to hit record and play in a cow bell for eg on screen
Is this possible?

Most VST instruments do not output any MIDI. Only the ones that have MIDI output capabilities do. In this case you would have to enable the MIDI output so that it is shown in the list of Cubase’s MIDI inputs, and select it as the input of any track.

If you want to understand better, the VST instrument is placed after the MIDI In.
More precisely, the routing is : MIDI In → Track → VSTi
So the VSTi cannot record data on the track just by clicking the keyboard/drums inside its window, unless it transmits data to a dedicated virtual MIDI output that you can select in the track’s MIDI input.