MIDI recording or playback Issue

Hello, first post so be gentle…

I’m using Cubase 5, yes I know it’s ancient but the only copy I have at present.
I’m learning as I go and a bit of a noob so put everything in lamens terms for me lol.

So I’m doing some MIDI recording with a Jammy Guitar. I started doing some bass using a plugin called Ample Bass. When I record it sounds fine and when I play it back it also sounds fine. But I notice the timing is off so I drag each note left by one square so it lines up but when I play it back after doing so a good chunk of the notes now do not play or are dead. I tried a quantize feature a friend recommended but it shifted the notes to the right and further out of time.

Fixing latency might get things in time better but the moving of it and it cutting out after confuses me…

Things to note… I have the Asio4All installed, my PC is of a fairly high spec and was custom built to handle music, gaming and Blender by friends.