MIDI Recording problems

Hi Doricos,

is there a difference of the English and the German version of Version 2.2???

I watched Anthony’s video several times and he seems to work on a Mac.

He told me to check the proper linking between keyboard and computer (properties) - he had got a DORICO menu on his computer, that I coudn’t find om my WIN 10 machine.

In addition to that I could not find the recording options.

Moreover: I started a recording session - there was a click - I started to play - being ready I started playblack - no notes were recorded…

What’s this??



p.s. Finally it’s a great idea to let grow sequencer- and notation software grow together!!

The Preferences dialog is what you’re looking for: on Windows, it’s at the bottom of the Edit menu. It has the key command Ctrl+, (comma). Check on the Play tab that your MIDI keyboard is detected. Make sure that the MIDI keyboard is plugged in and switched on before you start Dorico: unlike Cubase it can’t (yet) detect a change in the connected devices when the application is running.

So far, so good…

I use a Dexibell Vivo S3, which is connected via USB-MIDI to the computer and works fine for note input.

But under the play tab there is only MIDI-Function available and Dexibell is not listed.

Do I have to use an old-fashioned 5-pin MIDI-cable??

No, USB works fine…

There are no drivers for the the Keyboard available…

Maybe that’s the prob?

If it’s working fine for note input then I really can’t see why it shouldn’t be working fine for midi recording.

If the keyboard is “class compliant” you don’t need a driver.

If your computer has USB2 and USB3 ports, try both types. You don’t need the extra speed of USB3 to run a MIDI keyboard. USB3 is supposed to be backwards compatible with USB2 devices, but not every USB device follows the standards perfectly!

USB3 ports are coloured blue inside the metal casing, USB2 are black or grey.

Rob, I can’t see what any of this could have to do with anything - the keyboard works fine for note input!

Have you selected a note or activated the caret to set where you want to record into?

Recording requires real time input, and simultaneous real time audio output.

Step-time input requires neither of those.

It’s perfectly possible that real time input “gets forgotten” by the operating system because the PC is doing something else, and a fast input channel may be more likely to lose it than a slow one.

There is plenty of evidence out there that poor quality MIDI devices (and poor quality cables) “sort of work” most of the time but not all of the time.

Whether any of this is the actual cause of the problem is an different question of course - but it only takes a minute to try the experiment.

Thnx again to all of you!!

To Paul: That did the job!! But: Is there a difference between MAC and Windows version? In his video Anthony just clicks on the record button and the session starts…

Yours Peter

You don’t need to activate the caret, but you do need to at least select a bar to begin. If nothing is selected in the score, it won’t know where to record to.