Midi recording problems

I’ve had this problem ever since I updated to Windows 8.1. (Cubase.7.0.6)

If I create an instrument track (or a midi track) and assign a VSTi I can hear it play if I arm the track and hit the keys on my AxiomPro. This works with no audible lag.

If I hit record I can still hear what I play (still no lag) but no midi data is recorded.

If I setup the locators e.g. at bar 5 and 7 (so a “blue area” is created in bar 5 and 6) the same thing happens as above.

If I enable “Transport Cycle On/Off” (making it loop) I can still hear what I play (still no lag) and midi data IS recorded, but it has a heavy delay/latecy of several seconds(!). The midi data pops up only in bar 5 or 6 (between the locators) even if I start the recording at e.g. bar 3. - if I play a c-note at every beat for four beats starting at the first beat of bar 6, the midi recorded will show up long after bar 6.

If I hit stop, undo and then start recording again (from the same position as before) the same result, but with a new delay/latency, bigger or smaller…

I tried messing with the Record-Midi under Preferences (retrospective record, ASIO latency compensation etc.) but this makes no difference at all.

I also tried hooking up the Midi Monitor on the instrument channel. This shows exactly what I’d expect; i.e. notes on and notes off, when I play. The only quirky thing is, that the data it shows on playback is shown earlier on the monitor than it should, half a second or less before the cursor actually reaches the shown midi data (but it does this with both recorded midi data and data drawn by hand using the draw tool.) I don’t know if this is normal behavior for the Midi Monitor?

Am I the only one having this problem? I’m hoping for a fix in the announced update coming this januay, but if I am the only one experiencing this…

Just tried a reinstall of Cubase. It didn’t do anything. Ideas anyone?

…also tried to change driver (normally I use Asio4All). Same problem.

…and I just tried to see if it worked in Cubase 7.0.0, it didn’t. Same problem.

…if I use the keyboard (hitting ALT + K) I don’t get this problem! So is it really the Axiom Pro causing the problems? I just don’t get it. There’s no latency when playing (or recording). I can see the midi data getting in, i can hear the VSTi’s using the data to produce sounds and theres no latency. But the reoded midi data is still waaaay off.

AFAIK Windows 8.1 didn’t even exist when C7 was released, and it’s totally not supported by SB (yet). What do you expect?

Normally, the best driver for your audio interface would be its own ASIO driver. Although you haven’t given any info about your system.

I know members here like Papi61 who use Win 8.1 with no problems, albeit he uses C7.5 which changes everything. Maybe he can help you. But in the meantime, if you don’t have C7.5 and you need to work, I strongly suggest that you revert to Win7.

Good luck.

I use M-audios ProFire 610. Lousy drivers, Asio4All is by far the most reliable and latency free.

I’m guessing you mean Win 8.0 and not 7?

Perhaps Cubase 7.5 is the way to go but Cubase 7.0.6 IS Win 8.1 compatible as far as I can tell from this: https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/steinberg-product-compatibility-info-regarding-microsoft-windows-81

System Timestamp

It works now! I finally made it work. I just completely removed My Axiom Pro and deleted all drivers and after a couple of restarts, it finally works. M-Audio has only given me problems. I will NEVER buy anything again with “M-Audio” written on it I think.

But I still can’t understand how the Axiom Pro could be the problem here? How can it be, that I can play the keyboard and hear everything with no latency but not record it without getting huge amounts of latency? It puzzles me.

I’m not trying to defend M-Audio, but as a user of their products since MIDI-MAN days, I have never had any major problems.
You definitely have driver issues. I checked and there is no dedicated Win8.1 drivers released for Axiom Pro and ProFire 610. Ever had problems with those devices under Win7?

I meant Win7. But if you were happy with Win8.0, go for it.

It’s your choice to stay with Win8.1, but with no dedicated drivers for your devices, hassle-free working won’t be easy.
M-Audio is always weeks or even months behind when it comes to releasing new drivers compatible with new OS releases, which is very sad to say the least. But when they do, their devices usually work perfectly fine.

When I started at my current job as an audio designer the company asked if I wanted a Mac or a PC. I answered PC and then I went out and bought some gear; Cubase 7, the AxiomPro49 and the ProFire610. When I got back from the store and started setting it all up I booted the PC for the first time and found out that it ran Win 8 (which was just released at the time). I didn’t even know that Win 8 was out. So the machine is “born” with Win 8, don’t know if there’s any way to “revert back” to Win7.

Anyway is smooth and running now. The reason I said that I’ll never buy anything fra M-Audio again was the lack of service they gave me when I tried to find drivers for Win 8. Believe it or not but most of my questions (and not only me but a lot of other M-audio customers’) were just ignored! That’s a deal breaker for me.