Midi Recording

Hello everyone need a help.Cubase 7 doesnt record midi data when I hit record button.I did check my preferences and MIDI THRU,Snap Midi parts to bars,Solo recording midi editors,Retrospective record are active.Using cubase 7.05.Please help.Thanks in advance

Assuming you have the correct MIDI input set in the inspector …

there is midi activity.I just enable monitor aswell still the same

are you getting a part created? Or, just a blank track?

If the track is remaining empty, then you are hitting play instead of record on the transport.

the track is blank.when I press rec I see midi track but notes are not there.Cubase doesnt record any notes.When I go to preferences and reset everything to default still nothing.Its just weird.I have no clue.Im searching googles for last 2hour still nothing

I don’t quite follow your answer … Do you get an event “box” like in the picture? Or does it stay blank like where the bottom arrow is pointing?

cubase problem.png

It would also help to know what keyboard and MIDI interface you are using.

So, without hitting play or record and with monitor enabled you can play your keyboard and the A.N.Ax plays? By the way that activity is audio not MIDI … What is that plugin?

somehow its does work now.thanks for time mate.really weird situation.dont know how but its started working.cheers

I was hoping id see an answer here as I’m having the same problem. I can see my midi signal, but when I enable record , then start to record , I see a black track as per michad’s photo above but no notes are recording?? I’m very new to cubase 7, if anybody can offer me a solution I’d be very grateful

I think you run on a misunderstanding.
A MIDI Track is for recording MIDI Control Data but not MIDI Notes (like SysEx Data).
If you like to record MIDI notes to use it for an MIDI Instrument you should create an Instrument track and set the input to “All MIDI Input” or your specified MIDI Keybord (you are using for).

Hope that answer helps a little bit.

This is not true. A MIDI Track is to record MIDI. An Instrument Track is to record MIDI and assign it directly to a VST instrument. So it should work. To leoholmes, did you assign the correct MIDI channel in the Inspector?