Midi remote 14bit / 14bit NRPN

How Do I make multiple objects which [14bit] or [14bit NRPN] resolution at same MIDI channel.

Once I made [14bit] or [14bit NRPN] resolution object,
I can’t make more [14bit] or [14bit NRPN] resolution object
at same midi channel. [alert icon] is displayed.

and [Invarid element]alert message is displayed when [Go to Mapping Assistant]

Channel 1 CC# 7 14bit NRPN
Channel 1 CC #8 14bit NRPN

at [14bit] or [14bit NRPN] resolusion, CC# of the second object, no numbers will be accept.

it doesn’t matter if the channel is different ,like as
Channel 1 CC# 7 14bit NRPN
Channel 2 CC #7 14bit NRPN

I want to make multiple 14bit-NRPN objects at same channel.
Anyone had success?

This issue is on Nuendo 12.0.52

I also have the same problem. I’m trying to make a script for a Waldorf Iridium which sends out NRPN messages for its physical controls, but as soon as you add more than one control you get an error telling you the same control is added twice.

NRPN control numbers are too big for normal CC’s so they get split between CC#98 (LSB) and CC#99 (MSB multiplied by 128)…

NRPN 1024 = CC#99:8, CC#98:0 (8*128+0=1024)
NRPN 1025 = CC#99:8, CC#98:1 (8*128+1=1025)

If Cubase is only checking CC#99 for repeats then it will see multiple controls tied to #8 and think there’s a problem. Just a guess!