MIDI Remote AI is supposed to work anywhere the mouse wheel does?

I’ve seen suggestions that AI is supposed to work anywhere the mouse wheel would, but this seems disingenuous and want to validate if this is actually true.

For example, I can use the mouse wheel on controls in both my FabFilter and Synthmaster 2 VST3s, but AI just will not work when hovering over any of the controls like my mouse does.

If AI is supposed to work where the mouse wheel does, then it seems this is a problem with AI’s implementation, not VST3 developers, and I’d like clarification from Steinberg on what is accurate here. I’m trying to refine the list of VST3 instruments I am installing on a brand new studio system with Cubase Pro 12. If AI is actually supposed to work this way on VST3s I can clearly validate my mouse wheel does work on, then what is the problem?


As you can test on the built in Cubase plug-ins, where does the AI knob works as expected… the issue is on the 3rd party plug-in implementation side.

Hi Martin,

My apologies, but that doesn’t really answer the question I asked.

My mouse wheel works on my FabFilter and Synthmast VST3 plugins, zero problem. Is MIDI Remote AI supposed to work exactly like the mouse wheel or not?

Because if the answer is yes, then it clearly doesn’t, because it’s not doing what my mouse wheel does. If this is actually replicated functionality through the VST3 protocol, that’s fine, but I’d like to hear that expressed clearly from Steinberg so that myself and others aren’t wasting time trying to figure out why plugins that AI is supposed to be exactly doing what the mouse wheel does aren’t working when the claim is that it should.

What is the straightforward here? We need the bones please.



No, it’s not.

It’s also important for us to understand this clearly so that we can make requests to developers clearly. Many developers are happy to figure out what the problem is and implement a solution, but what are either FabFilter or Synthmaster supposed to do if I say “Hey, Cubase devs say you haven’t implement mouse wheel functionality for your VST3 plugins.” That’s clearly not true, so what is it that we ARE supposed to request of the developer?

Please help us out here, there are developers that are willing to solve the issue, but we need to understand what the actual issue is so we can make progress. Thanks again