MIDI Remote - Allow multiple track selection


I’m really liking the flexibility of the new MIDI Remote API (especially since the 12.0.50 update). However, a feature I’d really like to see is the ability to select multiple tracks via a control surface.

Cubase/Nuendo has always approached track selection on a control surface such that you can only select one track at a time. Yet, via mouse/keyboard you can select multiple tracks (and then edit them in bulk, via quick-linking), which I use all the time when mixing (e.g. to apply the same EQ to all four tracks in a quad-tracked guitar part, without needing to use group busses).

With Mackie Control, I took advantage of a workaround/hack where you could hold ctrl on the computer keyboard, and press “select” on the Mackie Control, and it would add the track to the selection, rather than replace it. This hack no longer appears to work with the new MIDI Remote API.

Is it possible to add the option, for those who wish to use it, to turn off exclusive track selection, and instead treat the ‘mSelected’ value the same as mute/solo - send note-on to select, send note-off to deselect?

Alternatively, a separate mValue that can toggle on/off this mode (e.g. so someone could map a “shift” button to turn the mode on whilst held, but revert to exclusive selection when not held).

Without this, I might have to roll back to using Mackie Control for now. Which is disappointing, because other areas of the MIDI Remote API are much better.

EDIT: In case it’s important, I’m using the mixer bank channel’s mValue.mSelected to select tracks.