Midi Remote and Expression Maps

Is there a way to get expression map info from the current midi/instrument track and use that in the javascript?

For example, the name of the expression map, and the name of the current (or most recent) articulation.

But the dream would be to get all the info, like the names of all the articulations, their colours, and what midi data they are associated with.

Expression maps are not covered in the documentation, but I know that the API has functionality that isn’t described in the documentation, so thought I should ask!


There is room for improvements regarding documentation and very poor coverage of all functionality in the example code. Usually API have a test framework that test most of the functions. They have not published any such tests. And they also change the API without change it’s version number. And the API does not even cover the basics of the 1984 protocol version and they have not documented that either.

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Thanks for the reply cubace.

Just giving this thread a bump.

Does anyone have any knowledge on how to access expression maps data within a midi remote script?


I’m 99.9% sure there’s no integration with Expression Maps as of now.

I’ve spend a lot of time with the MIDI Remote API, and looked through all possible functions.

Also Expression Maps aren’t even exposed to the Logical Editor (sadly), which I think would even be the first step.

Thanks. That’s a real shame.

Can we request this to be added in a future update?

Just giving this thread a bump, in case there has been any recent developments in this area.
Or maybe someone from Steinberg could comment?