MIDI Remote - Any way to query the status of Q-Link/Solo Clear/Mute Clear?

I’d like to assign buttons on my control surface, using the MIDI Remote API, to Q-Link, Solo Clear and Mute Clear, such that when those items are lit up in the Nuendo/Cubase GUI, the corresponding button LED is lit up on my control surface.

Reading the API documentation, I see I can access this functionality using commands, but as far as I can tell, that’s the same as pressing a hotkey? It will toggle Q-Link, or call “Deactivate all Solo/Mute States”, but does not communicate back to the control surface the current state?

Is there a way to set a control surface LED using the current state of Q-Link, Deactivate all Mute States, and/or Deactivate all Solo States?

If not, can you please add these to the API as something we can bind a control to, so as to get two-way communication?


Adding to this request: auto-punch-in and auto-punch-out (from the transport bar). It would be great to know the current status of these, so that I can light up LEDs on my control surface when auto-punch-in/-out is enabled.