MIDI remote API - channel strip handling


I can’t seem to find options in the remote script to gain access to Compressor, Limiter etc. parameters (apart from the ON, though these options are there in the EQ-bands.

However, I do see a “makeParameterValue” action there, and a “pluginInEditValue”.

Am I missing something obvious, or it’s a feature not yet implemented?

Thank you.

See if this helps - midiremote-userscripts/icon_platformmplus.js at d6a895ccd85263b9ad48599d1c9e3ed86614ea99 · woodcockr/midiremote-userscripts · GitHub

Courtesy of a fellow cubase user who supplied it to me.


Hi and thank you for the link!
From what I see it includes activation, however it doesn’t include parameters of effects.
As an example, in order to make myself more clear, I wish I could bind “Threshold” of compressor.

Yep, it does include those bindings to the faders. So when on Compressor, the faders are mapped to Threshold etc. lines 438-442 makeParameterValue() call. One for each strip section, loop through each fader.

True! Just checked the code block you mentioned and it does the trick, thank you!