MIDI REMOTE API documentation. Like that / Like this

The documentation says:

To get to know the basic semantics of the API we will write a script for a fictional MIDI Controller having only one encoder knob. The visual representation in Cubase / Nuendo will appear like that:

I think the word “this” would make the sentence better ("…will appear like this:")

Hi @alin89c, contribution on the api doc is highly appreciated, thanks a lot! Could you please add a new flag “midiremote-api-doc” for those topics? It’s easier for me to collect.

@Jochen_Trappe @alin89c I have created the new tag – users can’t create new tags, btw.


@steve, I have an idea. Since there are multiple documentations, I think it would be better to have a general “documentation” tag.

The current topic should be tagged:
| cubase-12 | midi-remote | documentation |

And topics about the score editor:
| cubase-12 | scoring | documentation |



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