MIDI REMOTE API documentation. "Preferences" folder?

The MIDI REMOTE API documentation says:

(documentation content)
  1. Open the MIDI Remote Driver Scripts folder.

Mac: /Users/<Username>/Documents/Steinberg/<Cubase or Nuendo>/MIDI Remote/Driver Scripts

Windows: C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\Steinberg&lt;Cubase or Nuendo>\MIDI Remote\Driver Scripts

  1. Open a console (win: cmd, mac: terminal) and go to the preferences folder.
  2. Open Visual Studio Code from the command line like that:

Open a console … and go to the preferences folder?
The preferences folder?

Is this the one? (the one in the Users folder)


It’s one of these, depending if you’re on mac or pc.

You could also just open the vscode and then open the same folder from its menu.

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Thanks for sharing. We will correct that.

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