MIDI Remote API Example Code Errors

Hey, I’m testing the code included in README_v1.html of the MIDI Remote API /Named: Simple Device.
And I couldn’t find a lot of the properties in midi_remote_api_v1.js that are included in the code? What am I missing here? Am I using an old api? I just downloaded Cubase 12.0.51


There’s a bunch of code that is in the README examples that is not implemented etc.
@Jochen_Trappe confirmed this.
I was also scratching my head for a while…

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Oh thank you for solving this mystery for me! I didn’t see that post until you pointed it out! Btw do you know if there’s a way to search for a specific VST name in the project using a script. Let’s say I want a button to act on a specific VST by name, is there a way to do that?

Not fully sure if I understand your question.

Do you want to jump to a specific VST instrument?
In that case, if you already know the names you want, then you could do it with the Project Logical Editor. Just create a bunch of preset with your names.

If you are on a Mac, I can recommend using SoundsFlow for this type of automations. Then it’s easy to have the “find track” pop up and then add the name of the track you are looking for.

Sorry my question wasn’t clear. Basically what I want to achieve is a button on my midi controller that open the VST instrument GUI of “Kontakt” plugin. Just show/hide.

That’s my question: How to pick for midi remote mapping a Rack instrument "Edit Instrument" function - #2 by thebabegrand

Okay, so you want to open all instances of Kontakt?

That cannot be done at least.
Cubase don’t allow us to read natively which plugins are on which track.

Btw. maybe you can mark my first answer as the solution for your first question :slight_smile:

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It works for tracks instruments… if you go to the post I sent you… I achieved that using midi remote assistant… I don’t know how it could be achieved with a script since I haven’t found any clue to look for names in the api

cool, yeah I saw your post. No clue either. Seems a bit hit and miss what can be mapped with the mapping assistant.

If the code in the Readme gets implemented we will be able to act on instruments by their names I think. Thanks again for clarifying this. Have a great day!

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Hi there,

Yes, useless code examples made it into the README file by accident in 12.0.50.
And as unfortunately the 12.0.51 update (which cleans up the README glitch) has a show-stopping issue, users are still better staying on 12.0.50 and wait for the hotfix update coming in the next couple of days.

fun fact:
Those examples give an insight into our thinking process of designing the access methods for the insert and strip effects. You can find the final API design here:

~/Documents/Steinberg/Cubase/MIDI Remote/Driver Scripts/.api/v1/midiremote_api_v1.js

Lookup the classes “MR_HostInsertAndStripEffects”, “MR_HostStripEffectSlotFolder” and “MR_HostInsertEffectViewer”.

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Thanks for the clarification man! In the code example, I saw the function includeName() in method mInstrument does that mean we’ll be able to access instruments by name in the future?

There will probably be something, yes. But is has to be well thought through. We don’t want to open pandoras can to the boundless pluggiverse on the wrong end, do we?

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That’s awesome thank you so much for the great news!! :heart_eyes: