MIDI Remote API feature request


I’ve been playing around with this new feature and i must say it’s really cool.
Though it seems that a few feature are missing that would make it even better.

-Ability to add a touch sensor to any control element (fader, encoder, XY pad…). This would allow to write automation in touch mode (automation writes as long as my finger touches the control)

-It would also be nice if different devices could follow the same mixer bank. And it would also be cool to be able to move the bank by 8 tracks (right now, we can move it by the bank size or 1 track).

-add a Increase+Speed/Decrease+Speed midiBinding mode as used in mackie control / HUI protocol. This would allow us to use old hardware with this new feature.

-add the possibility to control the full Channel strip and the full surround panner directly (not using Quick Controls)

EDIT: maybe a new forum section dedicated to MIDI remote scripting?

I think these addition would make that new API even better and allow us to have a better integration between our controllers and Cubase / Nuendo.

Thank you for your attention,


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There is already, using tags. Click on one.

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