MIDI-REMOTE API not saving midi remote changes

I am having an issue when I edit my configuration, that when I return to it in a subsequent session, the changes I made previously have been lost and the pre-modification config has been retained. As far as I can see, I’ve not done anything different. I save the project at the close of the session, and as there is no actual discreet save option, for the midi remote, I’m at a loss.
On another midi remote topic, I wonder when it will be possible do display the remote’s active page in the project top bar- that would be helpful!


The MIDI Remote is global, not per project. Could you explain, what exactly did you do and what do you want to achieve, please?

I had set the available parameters in the API to 40. I then mapped these to knobs faders and pads and buttons for mapping via the the remote wigit for plugins. I then wanted to change the mapping off of the pads and the buttons starting at parameter 25 instead of 24. I deleted all the mapping from the pads/ buttons and re numbered them and tested them out. I even exported the file to be sure. I saved the project and shutdown Cubase. When I reopened Cubase the original mapping (commencing at 24) had replaced my changes. Even importing the backup didn’t fix this. So that’s my issue. Thanks for having a look.

iCONN / i-CONTROLS USB interface. Windows 10 Cubase 12 Pro

  1. I could not intentionally save an iCONN / i-CONTROLS set-up. Somehow after three or four tries it saved itself.

  2. Also, I cant get MIDI remote to automatically learn MIDI input, as shown in Dom’s video *. Even though the device shows " connected". Disabled button is dark. Hover over icon says “MIDI learn available for this control”. Cubase ‘MIDI In Activity’ display shows that Cubase is receiving MIDI.
    SOLVED: Windows MIDI In iCONTROLS shows 2 MIDI inputs and only one works
    a) the one marked “MIDIIN2 (iControls V2.04)” does NOT work
    b) the one marked “iCON iCONTROLS V2.04” is WORKING

(MIDI Remote Integration | New Features in Cubase 12 - YouTube)