Any word on what happened to this feature? It was the one thing i was really looking forwards to.

The tab is showing on the introducing Cubase 11 video on youtube, so can see it exists, yet is not on the site of listed features.

Could someone please let us know if this was held back due to bugs, and whether it may be included in an update within C11 life cycle? Or, Is there any way of becoming a tester for the feature as i’m an avid MIDI remote user and would love to add feedback to help it’s progress.

Really appreciate any response on this.

Edit: Just seen official statement, thanks.


Here is the official statement.

That statement did not say anything if still in C11 life cycle or not. Maybe they need to think another 10 years or it might be in 11.0.10.

It was the same with ARA and cubase 10 IIRC - that time they were actually selling it as a big upgrade feature.

It did get added later - although was too full of ‘gotcha’s’ to be considered working…it improved a bit when we got to 10.5 and now with 11 it ‘might’ be ready to work properly. That only took 2 versions and 2 years…good going

Darn, REALLY looking forward to that!