Midi Remote Auto Discovery / Connect - help?


I’ve created a few custom midi remotes, however I can’t figure out how to get Cubase to discover them automatically? I’ve created custom midi ports for them, with individual names. The only shared name would be ‘vendor name’ and ‘created by’, otherwise the device name differs.

The only way I can get it to remember is by saving it in the file session or template. Otherwise, a blank cubase session or one that I didn’t save in, it won’t auto connect / discover.

Is this possible?

Here is the top of my driver script, am I missing something?

// get the api's entry point
var midiremote_api = require("midiremote_api_v1")

// create the device driver main object
var deviceDriver = midiremote_api.makeDeviceDriver(
  "DeRosa Studios",
  "DeRosa Studios OSC Template"

// create objects representing the hardware's MIDI ports
var midiInput = deviceDriver.mPorts.makeMidiInput()
var midiOutput = deviceDriver.mPorts.makeMidiOutput()

// define all possible namings the devices MIDI ports could have
  .detectPortPair(midiInput, midiOutput)
  .expectInputNameEquals("OSC cubaseAPI2FromOSC")
  .expectOutputNameEquals("OSC cubaseAPI2ToOSC")


Your code looks fine.

Are the MIDI port names exactly the same as the ones you see in the midi setup? (case sensitive)
Any chance that you have duplicates, though you clearly mentioned otherwise?


Thank you for your help!

I doubled checked, and none of them are using the same midi ports. I even just changed each of the files name to Alpha, Bravo, Charlie… and they still won’t auto connect. It’s strange cause two of the other devices will auto connect.

I even thought maybe it was the host mapping page names that had to differ, but that didn’t solve the case either.

I’ve attached my 3 scripts, is there anything else in the scripts that could be causing this?

DMD.zip (3.2 KB)


I see no problem with your scripts. A suggestion would be to delete (a backup is always a good idea) every single globalMappings json file connected with these scripts in the yourDocumentsFolder\Steinberg\Cubase\MIDI Remote\User Settings.