MIDI Remote = Bait & Switch

Anyone else feel like you were mislead with the MIDI Remote sales pitch?
I assumed they had done the leg work for us, and gathered or created scripts from all the major named-brand companies, and developed some method of querying the controller to discover/map it’s functions, and we’d all be able to plug in and go…

Looks like they actually only provided scripts for about 10-12 controllers…

And, as others have noted here, setting one up isn’t as simple or glitch-free as suggested in the tutorial videos. A simple transport setup for my Akai MPK88 - It works the first time you press Play… But not after that… LOL!

I’ve still got an M-Audio ProjectMix that I use as a transport/mix controller which appears to still work, so I’m not terribly worried about the MIDI Remote “promise of simplicity”… But still. IMO (or in my quick experience) it’s a fail.

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